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We will promptly inform of information on GYOKO.
The opinion and the inquiry : from "Customer requirements".
- Information is made English with the translation software.
Please treat us with gentle patience and a smile.

@ English newspaper publishing
Date: 2006-10-10 (Tue)
The thing that the article on the fishing port is published in '
Herald Tribune/Asahi' of discharge on Saturday, October 14 has been
It is possible to buy in the station kiosk etc. , and read by all
means, please.
Please send it from Customer 's Voice like the impression etc.

Asahi Shimbun International

@ lonely planet TV & Asahi Newspaper
Date: 2006-09-18 (Mon)
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
The program in the lonely planet port is completed.
It is sequentially discharged in countries of 30 countries or more in
the world in Australia though it has already been discharged.
Please see the schedule of each broadcasting station about the
discharge schedule.

Australia SBS/Discovery Channel/Discovery Travel & Living
Belgium Francophone: Voyage Nederlands: Discovery Travel and Living
Brunei Discovery Travel & Living
Canada CTV Travel
China Discovery Travel & Living/Czech Republic Ceska Programova: See local
media for scheduling details
Denmark Discovery Europe Travel & Living/DR TV
Finland YLE
France Voyage
Germany Discovery Germany
Greece ERT
Hong Kong Discovery Travel & Living/ATV/TVB
Hungary Spektrum TV
Indonesia Discovery Travel & Living
Ireland RTE
Italy Discovery Travel & Living
Japan Discovery Channel
Malaysia Discovery Travel & Living/Metro TV/Middle East Alhurra TV
Netherlands Discovery Travel & Living
New Zealand TVNZ One/Discovery Travel & Living/Prime
Norway NRK-1/Discovery Travel & Living/NRK-1
Papua New Guinea Discovery Travel & Living
Philippines Discovery Travel & Living
Poland Discovery Travel & Living
Portugal Canal Viajar
Romania Discovery Travel & Living
Singapore Channel 5/Discovery Travel & Living
Spain Canal Viajar
Sweden Discovery Travel & Living
Taiwan Discovery Travel & Living
United Kingdom Discovery Travel & Living

This program is made DVD, and sales are done in every country in the
It buys by all means and it sees when seeing in the shop.

After that, GYOKO will be published in the alphabet version of
Asahi Newspaper in a few days. Here is checked.

@ GYOKO news discharge beginning
Date: 2006-07-18 (Tue)
Everybody who lives in the port in the world and nice to meet you.
The discharge of the news of an English site was begun today.
Please continue your favors toward assistance to increase the fishery
excluding the port in Japan gradually and to come because it has it
though information in Japan becomes a main as of now.

The appearance of our GYOKO fishery and the interview of captain MORITA
are discharged all over the world in Reuter soon.
There is a television program lonely planet port to which Australia is
discharged by 50 countries in the start world in August "Six Degrees"
When the impression etc. to see GYOKO can be sent from
"Customer's Voice", I think that I am glad.

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